The Cybersecurity Implications
of Election 2016

A Practical Guide for Business Leaders (or Politicians) to Protect Themselves from Cyberattacks and Misinformation

A BrandProtect eBOOK

eBOOK_Elections2016.pngThe 2016 campaign has not only dramatically shifted perceptions
of politics and society, but also revealed the immediate and future challenges that face
cybersecurity and digital governance professionals.  

In this eBOOK from BrandProtect, Greg Mancusi-Ungaro and Dylan Sachs chronicle some the spectacular cyber exploits that highlighted the elections, and how they serve as a object lessons for CISOs and Digital Governance professionals everywhere. 

The last eleven months have been marked by effective, damaging attacks, executed using only commonplace tweets, emails and domains. They are fueled by stolen identities, socially-engineered data and convincing imitations of authentic content. Even those these online attacks don't touch to touch or cross a security perimeter, they have caused chaos. They have changed the election. 



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