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Is your Slow Cooker being hacked, right now?

Any connected device: Smart TV’s; baby monitors; a Slow Cooker that connects to the internet, are all hackable. An unsecured device becomes an easy entry point for hackers to eventually gain access to your personal and family affairs. Notably for smart phones, a great number of features are availible to defend against these attacks -- Yet, this protection is underutilized.042017-PersonalDeviceAwareness.png

This month's Executive Threat Brief provides a guide for you to fully utilize the security features that come with your smart phone, and to establish a groundwork for hardening the overall security on your personal devices.

BrandProtect has developed a series of free, monthly Executive Threat Briefs focused on social media risk. The briefs deal with online situations that you and your people encounter every day, and the simple steps you can take to be better protected from common social media dangers. You can use this piece internally and externally for educating your staff and your family on cyber risk. 

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