BrandProtect Executive Threat Briefs

It's tax season, again.

And all the cyber criminals in the world know it.  

Over the next few weeks the bad guys will be busy, withFeb2017_TaxScams.png new variations on old scams that rely on the natural urgency that surrounds tax filing season to pry away your personal information, or worse.

You may be subjected to one or more of these scams, which grow more and more convincing each year

This month's Executive Threat Brief gives you guidance about the most common tax related cyber exploits, includes a quick primer on how they work, and provides you with key information so you can stay one step ahead of the scammers. 


BrandProtect has developed a series of free, monthly Executive Threat Briefs focused on social media risk. The briefs deal with online situations that you and your people encounter every day, and the simple steps you can take to be better protected from common social media dangers. You can use this piece internally and externally for educating your staff  (and alerting their families) on social media risk. 

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