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FFIEC Guidance on Mobile Banking Risk - What CISOs Need to Know

The FFIEC has just published new examiner guidelines focused on institutional risks arising from mobile banking technologies and practices. Financial Institutions are now likely to face tough questions about their security practices around mobile apps, and mobile banking websites and infrastructure. This new guidance applies to all FDIC institutions, including those with assets less than $1Billion.

From the April FFIEC Guidance on Mobile Banking:

  • The appendix emphasizes an enterprise-wide risk management approach for effectively managing and mitigating the risks associated with mobile financial services.
  • The appendix discusses the technologies used in the mobile delivery channel, elevated risks that may result, and appropriate controls implemented by institutions or third-party providers.
  • The appendix contains a work program to assist examiners in determining the risks posed by an institution’s mobile financial services and assessing the controls that have been implemented to mitigate those risks.

For the first time, the FFIEC is emphasizing that institutions gain visibility to and understanding of ALL mobile apps and mobile banking infrastructure that appear to be related to the institution. Some of these will be legitimate, implemented and authorized by the institution. But others will have been deployed by cyber criminals to attack the institution, the institution's customers, and the institution's partners.

In this important one-hour webcast, BrandProtect subject matter expert Dylan Sachs will review the recent guidance. He will provide CISOs and security operations teams with a clear understanding of what the guidance means, and offer a set best practices to help banks better identify, understand and take action to mitigate their mobile banking risks

*Review of FFIEC Guidance on Mobile Banking
*Summary of Mobile App/Mobile Banking Threat Landscape
*Best Practices for Threat Identification, Analysis and Intel and Mitigation

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