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threatSMARTThe threatSMART suite from BrandProtect gives you threat visibility, analysis, and mitigation, for incidents that arise beyond the perimeter.

ThreatSMARTâ„¢ by BrandProtect provides actionable intelligence on Internet activities that threaten your IP, executives, employees, customers, events, reputation, phsyical locations. See for yourself how threatSmart can fill in an important gap in your security practice. Let one of our Threat Experts discuss how we can help you more completely protect your company from cyber threats.


Why threatSMART?

  • Comprehensive, End-to-end Cyber Threat Platform

  • Threat Assessment and Validation

  • Timely, Actionable Cyber Threat Intelligence

  • Experienced team of Military Grade Threat and  Behavioral Analysts

  • Automated Alerts plus Comprehensive Reports

  • Enterprise Workflow and Case Management

  • STIX/TAXII Support

  • Industry Leading Mitigation From the BrandProtect Rapid Response Teamâ„¢

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